AVANTI Technologies presents AgoraEvent: the event registration and organisation platform

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Simple and effective

AgoraEvent is fully configurable and customisable, and adapts to your activities via a single, flexible and comprehensive interface.

Modern design

With a design built on the latest trends, AgoraEvent enables you to manage your event with ultimate ease.

Responsive environment

Developed using the latest web technologies, AgoraEvent will adapt to any device to meet your needs.


AgoraEvent enables you to optimise your event management, from sending invitations through to detailed post-event reporting, including the creation of a custom website and logistical management of event participants.

AgoraEvent was created to help you organise your events. With a modular configuration, ease of use, and a comprehensive, intuitive interface, it will win you over whether you're a communications agency, an event management agency, or any other kind of event organiser.

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responsive devices
responsive devices


Configure your event in two minutes and provide your guests with a truly unique experience !

Use the best and latest technologies to create a website for your event, manage registrations online and attract more participants.
We'll support you every step of the way, through each phase of your event, to help you meet your guests' needs with ease.

Join our partners in choosing the simplest, most complete online solution to manage your events !
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  • Mobile app

    Scan your attendees' e-tickets using the AgoraEvent CheckIn app for Android or iOS.

  • Managing attendees and sign-ups

    Track your attendees' activity in real time, from registration through to their arrival at the event.

  • Attendance statistics

    View your attendance statistics for each event.

responsive devices

A solution that uses the best online technologies

Easily and intuitively manage your guests.

. Create custom mailing list
. Send group mails
. E-mail management (e.g., confirmed, pending, etc.)
. Automatic follow-ups
. Create guest categories
. Create a fully configurable registration form (quotas, availability, access)

A complete, customisable website dedicated to the event

. A personalised site in your event colours
. Publish and view event programmes and additional pages
. Interface with your corporate website
. Insert videos, images, and documents...
. Custom URL
. Supports multilingual websites

Attendee tracking

. Access and modify attendees' details at any time
. Easily export your attendees' information
. Manage your support staff
. Manage online payments, cheque payments, and bank transfers
. Track invoices
. Create bar codes for smartphone scanning


. Transportation management
. Accommodation management: hotel rooms, rooming lists
. Track sign-ups for services: events, meals, etc.
. Availability management: available spaces for different services and activities
. Mobile onsite reception app with real-time synchronisation
. Accurate event reporting: attendance, sign-up rates, financial reporting

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AVANTI Technologies

AVANTI Technologies , the events management specialist with over 15 years' experience, offers IT solutions designed specifically for events management professionals (event agencies, convention centres, venues), as well as facilities managers and event organisers.

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